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It is important that people in East Central Illinois be on the look out for ants, starting in early spring. This is when the first explorers find their way into your home. They leave an invisible trail that lets the other ants in the colony know that your home has something to offer their nest mates. Deterring and eliminating ants is difficult, but it is not impossible.


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Keeping Ants Out

The first thing to do is figure out how ants are entering your home. Observe the ants and their trailing pattern, and seal areas where they are entering the structure. Caulk and weather stripping are useful tools when creating an impenetrable barrier.

When ants enter a home, they are looking for one of three things;  Food, water and/or shelter.  Keep all food items in stored air-tight containers to prevent pest entry. Make sure to keep counter-tops and sink basins wiped dry to eliminate standing water sources. Seal entry points such as wire and plumbing penetrations, cracks in the foundation and around window/door casings. 

Inside your home, use caulk to seal cracks and crevices around countertops, sink basins, pipe access areas and wall/floor junctions.  This creates a permanent barrier to help keep ants out.

Black antsBringing in the Professionals

When your ant problem is too much for you to handle, we can help. You might be able to handle a few ants, but few people have the knowledge and resources to battle an entire colony. Ants are resourceful and will quickly adapt to most DIY methods of control. 

Our pest management professionals will identify the correct species of ant, and best way to safely and effectively eliminate your infestation, with the least impact on your home, faimly, pets and the environment.  Contact our office in Danville, or our office in Champaign / Urbana for a free home inspection today! 





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