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Danville Bed Bug Exterminators

Bedbugs are small insects that can potentially cause big problems for you and your family. These rust-colored pests dine on human blood, and while they are not known to transmit diseases, many people break out in rashes and red welts after being bitten. In certain cases, some people develop anemia and severe allergic reactions.


Where can bed bugs be found?

Because bedbugs are nocturnal, they usually hide during the day, and they can be extremely difficult to find. In fact, many people are unaware of a problem until a severe infestation occurs. Typically, bedbugs hide in mattresses, box springs, carpets and upholstered furniture. Because they are so small and basically flat, they can even hide behind baseboards, electrical outlets and in tiny cracks in the walls of your home.

Keeping Bed Bugs out of your Danville home

Bedbugs are common visitors in many hotels, and they will often crawl into your suitcases and hitch a ride back home with you. They may also dwell in second-hand furniture and clothing, so you should thoroughly inspect these items before buying them. In some instances, bedbugs have been found in movie theaters and library books. Bedbugs often congregate together, and you may see groups of them in the corners of your mattress or under furniture cushions. They also leave behind red spots if they are crushed, so finding unexplained stains on your furniture or bedding may be a sign of a problem.

Danville Bed Bug Control Experts

If you suspect that you have bedbugs dwelling in your home, contact us immediately. We will thoroughly inspect the entire area, and we can confirm if an infestation exists. Our experienced professionals can safely and effectively eliminate bedbugs in your home.





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What Our Customers Are Saying!

  • Testimonials - Judy

    Shirley called to schedule inside service with Bill and complemented on his professionalism when doing their pest control services. Wanted management to know what a good employee they have working for the company.

    - Judy

  • Testimonials - Craig B.

    Jim Owen goes above and beyond. He is the best service professional that we have ever had. I wanted to call and tell you because it is not often you find someone that goes this far above and beyond.

    - Craig B.

  • Testimonials - Jennifer

    Customer said Korey was doing a fantastic job. When they bought building it was overrun with roaches and since Korey has been coming out they have not seen any bugs. They are very pleased with service.

    Taken by - Jennifer F.

  • Testimonials - Nicholas

    Loved Marcus, good guy all around. Fantastic reflection on Terminix.

    - Nicholas

  • Testimonials - Greg L.

    It went well Bill came treated the kitchen and we were less then a week from our quarterly outside service so he took care of that too. I have done business with them since 2005 never had a problem or a bug, at least not for long.

    - Greg L.

  • Testimonials - marcus

    Mrs called to let management know how delightful Marcus is. She hopes he stays as their PMP.