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Crawlspace Encapsulation Services

Dirt crawl spaces are common in many homes and present unique problems for the homeowner. Dirt, under the home, transmits humidity, odors and radon gas, and also provides rodents and insects an easy path into the upper living portions of the home. The humidity and dampness that is inherent in crawl spaces can also cause structural damage to the wood framing, carpets, floors and walls. This environment is a breeding ground for mold, mildew, rodents and pests, all of which present a real health concern.


What is "lurking" under
your home in your crawl space? Water? Fungus? Insects? Rodents? Radon Gas? Crawl spaces can be a homeowner's unseen, forgotten nightmare. Water and humidity can destroy the structural integrity of your home. Bugs and rodents often enter your living space through the crawl space. Ignoring the issue is not a solution. ILLINI Crawl Space and Basement Technologies using Safe Crawl™, specializes in solving this common, yet dangerous, problem.

We have designed a solution to the dirt crawl space problem. Our impenetrable 20 mil thick Safe Crawl™ liner, that is professionally sealed to the walls and overlaps onto the floor, will completely envelope (encapsulate) the dirt floor. This provides a permanent solution to the harmful effects of your crawl space and creates a conditioned environment similar to the upper living portions of your home.

house picture

Home airflow mechanics, called the "whole house effect", is the natural airflow which travels towards the roof, creating a suction type effect on the crawl space dirt. This process will cause dampness and humidity to rise making the environment in your living space similar to that of your crawl space. Using the Safe Crawl™ liner with proper dehumidification will reduce humidity and possible mold growth throughout the home thereby making your crawl space a conditioned part of your home. It can also help dry up structural wood and framing and reduce heating and cooling costs.

A sump pump is a pump used to remove water that has accumulated in a water collecting sump pit, commonly found in the basement or crawl space of homes. Many standard pumps that are available today are inherently unreliable or cannot keep up with the volume of water. This creates potential problems in a crawl space where a failed pump can lead to a flooding nightmare.

sump pumpwater grabber2

The Water Grabber ®
is our patented pumping unit that is the best in the industry. The Water Grabber® consists of a patented drilled polyethylene basin and lid with a Bell & Gossett 1/2 H.P. cast iron pump as the pumping device. This industry leading pump can pump water at approximately 50 to 60 gallons per minute and will pump up to 1/2" solids. Additionally, the Water Grabber® can hold two pumps, if needed, thus doubling the pumping capacity. Each Water Grabber is installed with a Grabber Pal™ alarm to alert you if the pump has mechanical problems. Battery backups are also available.





The Terminix Ultimate
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guarantee in the business.


What Our Customers Are Saying!

  • Testimonials - Judy

    Shirley called to schedule inside service with Bill and complemented on his professionalism when doing their pest control services. Wanted management to know what a good employee they have working for the company.

    - Judy

  • Testimonials - Craig B.

    Jim Owen goes above and beyond. He is the best service professional that we have ever had. I wanted to call and tell you because it is not often you find someone that goes this far above and beyond.

    - Craig B.

  • Testimonials - Jennifer

    Customer said Korey was doing a fantastic job. When they bought building it was overrun with roaches and since Korey has been coming out they have not seen any bugs. They are very pleased with service.

    Taken by - Jennifer F.

  • Testimonials - Nicholas

    Loved Marcus, good guy all around. Fantastic reflection on Terminix.

    - Nicholas

  • Testimonials - Greg L.

    It went well Bill came treated the kitchen and we were less then a week from our quarterly outside service so he took care of that too. I have done business with them since 2005 never had a problem or a bug, at least not for long.

    - Greg L.

  • Testimonials - marcus

    Mrs called to let management know how delightful Marcus is. She hopes he stays as their PMP.