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Danville Termite Control

Although termites are found throughout the United States, the exact type varies among different regions. Eastern subterranean termites are usually found in the Danville area. It’s possible to find other types of termites, but they are not native to Illinois and usually arrive in lumber, mulch or furniture. Additionally, non-native termites are not able to survive the cold winters, so they can’t establish permanent colonies in and around your home.

Where do Subterranean Termites live?

sentricon bigbugs

Subterranean termites can’t take prolonged exposure to sunlight or air, so they live deep in the ground and build mud tubes to protect them while they search for food and bring it back to the colony. These pests feed on wood, and they can cause severe structural damage to your home if they aren’t caught early. If left untreated, subterranean termites will completely eat through the soft interior of the wood, leaving only the hard grain behind. Often, their mud tunnels are the only outward signs of their presence.

Quality Termite Extermination in Danville

At Terminix, we believe that a combination approach is the best way to control subterranean termites. We apply liquid pesticide to the soil around your home, and this works to immediately eliminate termites that ingest the soil and those that may come in contact with them. We also apply a bait system around the perimeter of your home. As termites forage for food, they take the bait back to the colony, which will be eliminated after its inhabitants consume the bait. This will also prevent future colonies from being established, and our experienced technicians will continue to monitor the baited areas for signs of activity.

If you are concerned about termites in your home, contact us for a free quote today.

Popular Termite Control Methods


Terminix® Termite Baiting System® Featuring Sentricon®

State-of-the-Art termite baiting system featuring Sentricon® with Always Active™ technology. Proven to eliminate termite colonies and stay active for the next colony that tries to invade your home. Always active, all the time.

Read more about our termite baiting systems.


liquid defense

Terminix® Liquid Defend System®

Protecting your home from termites with the latest liquid control products and techniques with the best liquid protection guarantee in the industry.

Read more about our liquid defend system.





The Terminix Ultimate
Protection® Guarantee

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